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There is a lot to a patriotic song

Patriotic song/national anthem to me defines/details the passions, inspirations and aspirations of a collection of people. In this blog I am going to attempt to analyze them and see whether there is a recognizable pattern is needed for a passionate song to become a patriotic song. I want to say all but for technicalities sake let us say most humans have a flag they are born under and have a patriotic song that captures or attempts to capture the reasoning behind the flag they call allegiance to.


Stonehenge has represented to me, something magnificent that was in the making and was never completed. Maybe people who were building it lost interest or once they better understood their passions they went on to do something, something more meaningful. That is the mindset I am in as I start to gather the foundations here, not sure what I will uncover as we work together on this journey.

What is the blog about?

I will continue to change this and adapt this to be relevant. As I start to build this building without a blueprint I am going to use this blog to record my findings and gradually gravitate towards the direction information guides me.

I am going to pick a patriotic song from a country and analyze the structure in terms of the content. What is considered dear to their heart, what major themes is it trying to convey.

What is the blog not about?

There will be some tough questions to answer. For one how far are we willing to go when we say patriotic songs? When is something patriotic or propaganda? There is no straight answer, as we grow in this journey we might at one point be able to do this. For now we will begin this journey as babies trying to understand how each puzzle piece looks, feels and maybe tastes!

The idea?

The inspiration for this blog came to me walking around in the Museum of Modern Arts in San Francisco. I was not paying enough attention to the path my thoughts took to come up with this obscure idea. Art inspires you in its own way and it is hard to create a map for it.

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Something made me feel that this would be something I might find some meaning in. I am not certain there is a need for this either. In my novice anthropological mind I think there is something good that might come out of this. Perhaps nothing!

Holistic view

Like you could imagine this is going to be a long journey. Analyzing each song will take certain amount of time and I am going to try my best not to hurry through this journey. Once we know what structural consistency lies in these individual songs that are analyzed then we can maybe attempt to get a more holistic view on patriotic songs. Or like I said earlier there might be nothing consistent and we might have to abandon this the same way the stonehenge was abandoned by our species. Quite pessimistic for a beginning wouldn’t you say?

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